Foto: Marco Nauta

Photo: Marco Nauta


Ief Hiel (1953) created BEAR (Beer Trainingen). She is an advanced teacher who has been doing Rock and Water training for more than ten years.

She is qualified to work with autistic children and has set up Rock and Water courses across schools. She is also qualified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mediation and Systemic Practice.

Experience and skills

For years Ief worked in a crisis centre and in a treatment centre for children, in a women’s shelter and with an institution for troubled children. When she discovered Rock and Water Ief found the ultimate combination of her two passions: children’s welfare and the ability to instil self-confidence, self-control and self-respect.

As a former top athlete in Dutch indoor field hockey, Ief knows how to teach motivating oneself to achieve great heights.

BEAR International

BEAR is passionate about children’s welfare all over the world. Its playful psycho-physical approach works everywhere for ages 4 and over. In Australia BEAR worked with aboriginal children in special education. In India BEAR taught orphans and their care-givers. In Ecuador BEAR taught its methods to groups of elementary and high school teachers.

BEAR is preparing to return to Ecuador in February of 2015.